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Harnessing humor and love to make visually appealing, 2-D images for enthusiastic people. By prioritizing tasks, she specializes in quick turnarounds and values client feedback to meet their expectations. From digital painting to refined logos, she will always give 100% to bring your ideas to life. 

— Please bring your 100%.


— creates & builds imessage stickers for Apple devices

(creative outlet)


— collaborated on a three part, children's book series

— illustrated for scientific papers


— creates topic illustrations for subscription based, medical education podcast, HIPPO EDUCATION 


— client based, custom logos, t-shirts, characters, web icons or technical illustration


Magnets — Camping — Rock Climbing — Bamboo Utensils — Dancing — Cast Iron Pans — Veggie Gardens 

Public Karaoke — Free-Diving — Wim Hof Method — Bicycling — Mindful Meditation — Cutting Your Own Hair

Baking SODAAA & Vinegar​ — Whole Plant Based Meals + Vitamin B12 — Moleskin Fabric Tape 

Cue the Davey Crocket song... 

Born in the boonies of Cal—E—forn—eye—A,

Youngest in the litter off the East Bay, 

Grew up exploring and climbing trees,

Had two goats and chickens, cage-free

Mar-eee, Mary the puppet, David Sedaris called me.

DSedaris drawing 2011

CSUN 11.20.11