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Things I Fully Endorse

Veggie Gardening, Eating a Whole Plant Based Foods + Vitamin B12, Magnets, Mindful Meditation, Wim Hof Method, BAKING SODAAA!, Free Diving, Camping, Rock Climbing, Moleskin (that awesome fabric tape)

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Oh hello there! Thank you for visiting my website. Here's a little about me, how and why I do, what I do.

SUMMARY - I TRANSLATE ideas into simplified images using humor & love.

DSedaris drawing 2011

CSUN NOV 20, 2011

I enjoy the thrill of creating custom illustration and design, It's fun. Problem solving to make clients happy through 2-dimensional mediums really lifts my spirits. 

I'm semi-introverted - ISFP(Myers-Briggs). 'Gasp!'

I love working from home as an independent...whatever you need me to be. I am a published illustrator. A friend, Thea Jue, wrote a book, we collaborated and successfully published a three part children's book series. I like to call them "The Remember Books." Currently, I receive monthly email assignments to draw humorous illustrations for HIPPO Education, a subscription based medical podcast (phhwew - mouthful). I also draw and build iOS stickerpacks for Apple devices. It's an outlet for me to be free. As an UpWork member, I create 2-D designs. Some examples are logos, t-shirt designs, character illustrations and icons, to name a few. I have created all of these projects on Procreate (an amazing program) with the help of my handie dandie iPad! 

If you want to work with a happy-go-lucky artist, your search is over! I will assist you.

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle

Thank you!

Cue Davey Crocket song... 

Born in the boonies of Cal-E-forn-eye-A,

Youngest in the litter off the East Bay, 

Grew up exploring and climbing trees,

Had two goats and chickens, cage-free

Mar-eee, Mary the puppet, is what David Sedaris called me.

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